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Today, Joe Kelly led the prayer and Wiley Cutts led the prayer.

September 5, 2019
A friend of Larry Ludwick, Larry Alford, spoke today of his growing up in Montgomery and how the YMCA had such an influence on his life. Men like Ronny Floyd and Don Camp, especially Ronny , gave him an opportunity to work at the Y to secure a membership and later a fulltime job. Because his father died as a young  man. Larry had a surrogate father, Mr. Clark who owned a sign company. Also Mr. Clark’s son was Larry best friend.  Larry went on to graduate from Lanier High School, worked for the Y for several years and was named to “Outstanding Young Men of America. Later he went in to real estate where he was very successful.
Joe Kelly led the prayer and Annette Huffaker led the Pledge of Allegiance.

September 12, 2019

The member with the longest tenure in our club, Rudy Ohme, was our speaker today. Rudy told us of some of his experiences of being in the navy. He explained that when crossing the equator, crossing the international date line, passing through the Panama Canal, and other significant happenings, there was a ceremony of initiation for those who were doing them for the first time. He gave some interesting information on the different generations in our culture; great generation, baby boomers, etc. He also discussed the different world views that exist today such as traditionalism, modernism, and post modernism.
Wiley Cutts led the prayer and Gayle Atkinson led the Pledge of Allegiance.

September 26, 2019
As a member of the women’s prison ministry group, Brenda Burgess, goes to Tutwiler Prison several times a month to teach the inmates about Jesus and the Bible. Using a curriculum called, “New Life Behavior” the woman hope to hope and reconciliation to God for the prisoners. Mrs. Burgess told us that she has worked in this ministry for fifteen years.
Before being allowed into the prison, one must take a course that originally was eight hours but is now only four hours. Instruction is given about what can and cannot be done or what can be said inside. The also have to undergo a background check. She said that she was not particularly frightened to enter but when those big iron gates closed with a clang the first time, it was disconcerting.
Tommy Holliman led the prayer and Larry Ludwick led the Pledge.

October 3, 2019
The Bible tells us of a parable of Jesus’ about the ten talent, 5 talent and 1 talent men. Our speaker today, Mike Haynes, talked to us about the one talent man. He failed because he was afraid and though too difficult. But people with little talent can make a great deal of difference those around them. One example he gave was a man who brought another to the Lord and he became a Christian. The new Christian went on to be a preacher and ultimately the president of a Christian University thereby giving him great influence over a vast number of students.
The prayer was led today by Wiley Cutts and the Pledge by Tommy Holliman.

October 10, 2019
What a treat we had today to be able to hear Joe Kelly, one of our members, tell us about the adoption process for the State of Alabama when he adopted his son Joel and his two daughters, Crystal and Britanny. He was very complementary of the way Alabama thoroughly carries out the process before approving the adoption. Joe first adopted Joel and contacted DHR but they later asked Joe and his wife, Rosa if they would consider using a private adoption agency. Joe and Rosa said “yes” and consequently AGAPE of Huntsville became involved.
AGAPE called the Kellys and told them “We have a baby for you.” That was on a Thursday and they had to be in Huntsville on Monday to get the baby. Crystal and Brittany were adopted several years after Joel. Both girls live out of town while Joe is a portrait artist here in Montgomery.
The prayer was led by Wiley Cutts and the pledge by Annette Huffaker.

October 17, 2019
October is Prevention of Fire month. Consequently we had our Firefighter of the Year program today. Honored were TSgt Corey Woods from Maxwell AFB, Lt. J. P. Taunton and Firefighter B.K Turk from the Mongomery Police Department. Taunton and Turk were called out on an attempted suicide where a man was threatening to jump off an overpass. As they were trying to talk him off the bridge, Turk called the man’s girlfriend to find something he could us to help the guy but she hung. He pretended to continue talking to her and was able to grab him as he was jumping thereby saving his life.
Corey Woods developed a plan for Maxwell for the Air show that was presented there and he is also in charge of planning for community events for the base fire department.
Wiley Cutts led the prayer and Lisa Crenshaw led the Pledge of Allegiance.

October 24, 2019
Tommy Holliman led the pledge and Lisa Chrenshaw led thepryer.
The University Church of Christ was well represented today as Mark Hunt spoke to us about the church’s Prison Ministry. Mark is the Vice-President for Enrollment Management for Faulkner University. He has worked in the ministry for about fifteen years. In order to go into the prisons, one must first fill out an application which the state uses to do a background check. Once approved, the person must undergo training lasting about half a day at one of our local churches.
He and, usually Matthew Conley, go to Kilby on Sunday nights to conduct a worship service. About six or seven locked gates must navigated to enter the chapel after each of them have been frisked and patted down. There are usually about 150 to 200 prisoners in attendance. Mark says they are mostly eager to hear what is being said and the stated that one would be surprised to know that many of them know a lot about the scriptures.
October 31, 2019

For thirty years Peggy Bailey was a nurse until she retired to care for her parents. After they were gone, she looked for something to do with her time and she found the Prison Ministry at the University Church of Christ. She told us today that many of the women at Tutwiler come for the classes which are thirteen weeks long. They use attend ten classes to receive a certificate. The prisoners like the certificates for their folders when they are up for parole or the judge reviews their case.
Joe Kelly led the prayer and Annette Huffaker led us in the pledge.

November 7, 2019

Joe Kelly led the prayer and Annette Huffaker led the Pledge of Allegience.

Our scheduled speaker did not show up today so Rudy gave history of the Exchange Club of Montgomery,

November 14, 2019

The deadline for switching Medicare is fast approaching. Reporting to us about the deadline and changes in Medicare was Sherrell Love with Medicare Advantage, United Health Care. She said that companies are really competing for the Medicare business and one has to really examine each plan to determine which is best.

Tommy Holliman led the prayer and Lisa Crenshaw led the pledge.

November 21, 2019

We had no speaker today. With Sheriff Cunningham presiding, we had a productive meeting. After the meeting we had a board meeting. Those members present at the meeting were: Derreick Cunningham, Wiley Cutts, Joe Kelly, Rudy Ohme, Annette Huffaker, Lisa Crenshaw, Mike Deep, and Gayle Atchison.

Rudy Ohme led the prayer and Gayle Atkinson led the pledge.

December 5, 2019

Presiding for Sheriff Cunningham today was Larry Ludwick who introduced our speaker. Jimmy G. told us of his work at Faulkner University's School of Biblical Studies where he teaches both undergraduate courses and graduate courses. He is the assistant to the head of the graduate school as such is responsible of for processing all of the applications for the graduate program. He also advises all graduate students at the university. G worked as a missionary for nine years in the country of Tanzanika in Africa before returning to the states to teach at Faulkner.

Tommy Holliman led the prayer and Larry Ludwick led the pledge.

December 12, 2019

Vice President Larry Ludwick opened the meeting by calling on Wiley Cutts to pray. Annette led the pledge.
Our speaker today was Charlie Boddie who recently retired as a minister. When he was minister at the Dalraida Church Of Christ, he began going to Russian on mission trips with others from that cngregation. Eventually he became their full time missionary to Russia. He and others conducted Bible studies in a town in the north which, in the winter, had a temperature of -51 degrees. Soon churches were established as well as preaching schools to train the Russians to preach.  Charlie said the Russians mostly live in high rise apartments that were very small. Most of the people made about the same amount of money no matter what their occupation was. Doctors made about $40 a month. Overall Charlie made 35 to 40 trips to Russia and the Eukraine. He has now been banned from both countries.

December 19, 20011

Derrick Cunningham presided today with Lisa Crenshaw leading the prayer and Wiley Cutts leading the pledge. Sheriff Cunningham lead a discussion of the plight of the families of law enforcememt officers who are killed or injured in the line of duty. There are not many benefits available for them. Rudy Ohme spoke to us today about the myths surrounding Christmas carols along with other infomation about life in America. The stated that single parent homes in America far outnumber that of other countries and that all authorities agree that it is best when children are raised by a father and a mother.

January 9, 2020

Lisa Crenshaw led the prayer and Gayle led the pledge today. The program today was Sheriff Derrick Cunningham telling us about security in churches in the light of the recent shooting at the church in Texas. He said every church should have a security plan and a security ministry if possible. His church has a security force and he emphasized that proper training be done. Firearm training is a must before anyone is allowed to carry a firearm at church. He further said that the firearms should be concealed because if a shooter comes in he(she) will shoot first anyone on whom he sees wearing a firearm.

Sheriff Cunningham stated that Bob Thetford, retired Special Agent with the FBI, teaches a class on the church security.

January 16, 2020

Christopher Turner representing the office that deals with elections that is under the Probate Judge, spoke to us today. He explained to us have they have modernized by using electronics and now one will not have to stand in a long line to vote. Voting is still by paper ballot that is dictated by law in Alabama. In case of a recount it is much easier to use the paper ballots. We have preferential primary coming up in March and a general election in November.

January 23, 2020

With Derrick Cunningham presiding, Joe Kelly led the prayer and Lisa Crenshaw led the Pledge of Allegiance. Ken Austin, Director of Mercy House, was our speaker. Mercy House is a house in the Washington Park neighborhood that serves the needs of the community there. Food is distributed, meals are served, kids are taken to school, A computer lab has been installed whereby Trenhalm comes to teach classesnot only in computers but in auto mechanics, plumbing and other day trades. All of these are taught for credit as  the students are enrolled at Trenholm State.



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