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July 11 2019

We started  our administrative year with a new set of officers and a great program presented by Joe Kelly. Today we had our "Proudly We Hail Program" where we honor individuals and businesses in the community who fly the American Flag and do it properly. Today we honored Montgomery Metro Reality as the company displaying the flag very patriotically. Recognized also was Dr. Larry McLemore the Head Master at Saint James School.  Individual homes honored were Cecil and Janet May, Christine Stevenson,  D'Linell and Janet Finley, and Jackson and Carolyn Dismukes. Dr Cecil may gave a very interesting and inspiring talk about our American Flag.

Wiley Cutts led the prayer and Rudy Ohme led the pledge.

July 18, 2019

Janet May spoke to us today of an organization that she attends called " Mourning to Mourning." A group of women who have lost a son or daughter come together as a support group. I matters not when one loses a loved one or how long ago. The group welcomes all who have a need to share their story with others who share their grief. Sometimes grandmothers come or just friends of the grievers  to lend support. The group meets the last Thursday or each month.

Today, Joe Kelly led the prayer and Wiley Cutts led the prayer.

September 5, 2019
A friend of Larry Ludwick, Larry Alford, spoke today of his growing up in Montgomery and how the YMCA had such an influence on his life. Men like Ronny Floyd and Don Camp, especially Ronny , gave him an opportunity to work at the Y to secure a membership and later a fulltime job. Because his father died as a young  man. Larry had a surrogate father, Mr. Clark who owned a sign company. Also Mr. Clark’s son was Larry best friend.  Larry went on to graduate from Lanier High School, worked for the Y for several years and was named to “Outstanding Young Men of America. Later he went in to real estate where he was very successful.
Joe Kelly led the prayer and Annette Huffaker led the Pledge of Allegiance.
September 12, 2019
The member with the longest tenure in our club, Rudy Ohme, was our speaker today. Rudy told us of some of his experiences of being in the navy. He explained that when crossing the equator, crossing the international date line, passing through the Panama Canal, and other significant happenings, there was a ceremony of initiation for those who were doing them for the first time. He gave some interesting information on the different generations in our culture; great generation, baby boomers, etc. He also discussed the different world views that exist today such as traditionalism, modernism, and post modernism.
Wiley Cutts led the prayer and Gayle Atkinson led the Pledge of Allegiance.


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