Past National President --- Frank Sego, 1987-88

PAST DISTRICT PRESIDENTS - From the Montgmery Club

1921-22       Judge Charles R. Bricken (The District's first president)
1935-36       Robert K. Jefferies
1943-44       Floyd H. Mooneyham
1948-49       Carey Fuller
1955-56       Farrow L. "Butch" Tittle
1963-64       Thomas F. Parker
1968-69       J. O. Spencer
1972-73       Frank Sego
1984-85       Jesse L. Mathews
1986-87       William  N, (Bill) Pipher
1989-90       Raymond F.Root
1999-93       John E. Golab
1999-2000    Jessie C. Hawthorne
2009-10       Ann K. Ball
2010-11       Dorothy K. Golab
2013-14       Thomas J. Holliman

It all started in 1896, when a cross-section of Detroit’s business and professional community first met for no other purpose than to eat lunch. The group, known as the Boosters’ Club, took on the attributes of a luncheon club over a period of time. One of the energetic members, Charles A. Berkley, organized the group into the formal organization of the first Exchange Club on March 11, 1911.  A second club was organized in Toledo, Ohio in 1913 followed by two other clubs in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. These four clubs were the first to be chartered by The National Exchange Club after it was organized as not-for-profit, educational organizations in 1917. Since then hundreds of clubs have been chartered in the United States and Puerto Rico. In the 1980's the club membership was expanded to include ladies.

On April 13, 1921, at 7:30 P.M. in the main dining room of the Exchange Hotel, two brothers from Selma, Alabama assisted in the organization of Exchange Club of Montgomery. The Montgomery Club, along with three other Alabama clubs in Birmingham, Florence and Selma, were chartered on June 1, 1921.  This makes our club one of the 25 oldest clubs in the nation.  Our Club was chartered with 58 members who comprised many prominent business and professional men, which included the father of Tonie Tennille of Captain and Tennille fame.  Some of the businesses of these charter members are still in existence today
-Built Exchange club ballpark.
-Paid salary of a Speech Therapist for Montgomery School System.
-Built an addition to the Boy's Dorm at Brantwood Children's Home.
-construction of Educational TV (channel 26)
-Provided playground equipment at Children's Center.
-Provided Camp Exchange for underprivileged kids.
-Grants given to various charitable organizations.
-Provided Care Bears for the Montgomery Fire Department  for traumitized children.
-Provided blankets for Department of Human Resources for children.
-Bought four heart resuscitators for the Montgomery Zoo.
-Provided funds to buy Shaken Baby Syndrome Doll for The Family Guidance Center
-Donate money for the past several years to Exchange Family Centers in Mobile and       
Some of the Club's Projects  from the past
2018 - 2019 Accomplishments

· Firefighter of the year
·   Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
· Youth of the Year (District Winner)
· Social Worker of the Year
· Derrick Cunningham District Exchangite of the Year
· Maureen Murphy Outstanding District Director
· Handed out water at Run for Mom
· National Day of Service at Family Sunshine Center
· 100 Goody bags for children
· $1000 donated to Wetumpka Boy Scout troup 50. Also 8 Learning the Crying Code, 12 One Nation Under God, 10 Pledge of Allegiance, and 144 flags donated to the troup
· $1000 donation to Mercy House
· $2500 donated to AGAGE
· $1000 donated to Montgomery Council on Aging
· $1000 donated to Family Place Justice Center
· 400 Believe in the Blue Cards, 100 Grade the Cards Together, 100 Feal Alcohol Syndrome Brochures, 100 Learning the Crying Code, 100 Take Time Out to Understand Your Child, and 144 flags donated to The Academy for Early Learning Center
· $4000 donated to Child Protect
· $2000 donated to Exchange Club Family Skills Center, Birmingham
· $2000 donated to Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention, Mobile
· $2000 donated to Exchange Club Family Center, Dothan
· 2520 Diapers and 6300 diaper wipes given to DHR on April 1st
· On November 2018 diapers and 3600 wipes were given to COPE

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